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Razor Ground Force Drifter Electric Go-Kart not working


Can you please tell me why my go-kart will not run?

I only hear a click when pushing down on the throttle.

My neighbor has a Crazy Kart with the same battery connector as mine.

To troubleshoot we connected his battery wire connector (male end) into my go-karts battery connector (female end) and the wheels turned when pressing the throttle.

Thinking I had a bad battery, I bought a new set and fully charged them, but I still have the same issue with only hearing a click when pressing the throttle.

To easily troubleshoot this problem we recommend to install the battery pack from your neighbors Ground Force Drifter again and see if it runs with it installed. If it runs with your neighbors battery pack installed however it does not run and only clicks with the new battery pack installed then that points towards the new battery pack being defective.

We would normally recommend testing the Voltage of the battery pack when it is under load however since you have access to a good battery pack that would be the easiest way to troubleshoot the problem.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


I got my go kart to start go briefly after pulling the brakes lever a few times.

However, do the same trick doesn't work anymore.

I unplugged the brakes from the controller and still won't go.

Any idea's?

Some of the newest Razor versions have normally closed brake switches so you may want to try bridging the controller's brake switch wires together to see if that helps. A 3/4" section of a small paper clip or other thin gauge wire that is bent into a U-shape and pushed into the controller's brake switch connector works well for this.


if I do this and the go-kart runs, does that mean the controller or the brake lever need to be replaced?

If bridging the controller's brake switch wires together makes the go kart work then the brake lever needs to be replaced.


Bridging the brake switch wires together on the controller did not make the go-kart go.

Does that tell you where and what the problem is?

That test result only indicates that the brake switch is not causing the problem. Have you had a chance to reinstall your neighbors Ground Force Drifter battery pack to see if it still works with it?
Yes. My batteries work on his. No matter what battery I use on mine, it doesn't go.
Since you can hear a click in the controller when the throttle is pressed that indicates that the wiring harness, fuse, and power switch are good. You performed the brake lever test so the brake lever is proven to be good. The battery pack has been installed in another Ground Force Drifter and works in it so it is proven to be good.

That leaves the motor, controller, and throttle as the remaining parts to test.

The motor can be tested by unplugging it from the controller and wiring it directly to the battery pack or to a 12 volt automotive battery charger to see if it runs. If the motor runs during this test then that points towards the controller or throttle being faulty. If the motor does not run during this test then it is faulty.

If the motor tests good then the next test would be of the throttle and controller.

The throttle and controller testing procedure is a little different depending if the Ground Force Drifter has a 4-wire or 6-wire throttle. Please see attached throttle and controller testing procedures for 4-wire and 6-wire throttles.

Please let us know how it goes and if you have any questions.


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