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Razor Ground Force Drifter Electric Go-Kart not working


Can you please tell me why my go-kart will not run?

I only hear a click when pushing down on the throttle.

My neighbor has a Crazy Kart with the same battery connector as mine.

To troubleshoot we connected his battery wire connector (male end) into my go-karts battery connector (female end) and the wheels turned when pressing the throttle.

Thinking I had a bad battery, I bought a new set and fully charged them, but I still have the same issue with only hearing a click when pressing the throttle.

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You are welcome. 

Hello, I'm hotting on the same clicking problem! New battery pack, new speed module! Click click, checked motor off a 12v charger, it works! Bridged the throttle and still click click! Driving me insane, plz any help would be appreciated!!! And thank you

If you have not already done so then you might want to try disconnecting the brake lever connector from the controller. Sometimes the brake switch will fail and lock into the on position which tells the controller to shut off the motor. 

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