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Enabling Turbo Mode

Hi there,

I have an 1800w evo scooter and it says that it can run on turbo and economy modes, however I don't know how to enable this turbo mode and I have been riding on economy all the time.

When I take out the controller there is a white and grey wire disconnected and I'm assuming this is the turbo wire however I don't know which wire to connect it to since all other wires are connected and there is no extra wire to connect it to.

I have no knowledge of the electronics in electric scooters.

Do you know which wire to connect it to? I would greatly appreciate your help.

On most EVO electric scooters the turbo switch is located on the throttle.

I checked the wiring directions of the EVO controllers that we have and can not find any references to a gray or black wire being for the turbo switch.

The turbo switch is really an economy switch is disguise though and when the turbo switch contacts are closed the controller goes into slow mode to save the battery for more range, and when the turbo switch contacts are open the controller is in full power mode. It should really be called an economy switch however power sells better than economy so it was called a turbo switch instead.

If you have photos of the throttle and controller I would be glad to take a look and see if I notice anything regarding the turbo switch or wires.

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