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Vibration from using Slime in tube?

I am still trying to locate an annoying vibration that only occurs when applying power, but not when coasting. My Schwinn S-600 has a new motor with 15T roller clutch, controller, chain, tire and tube, but the vibration persists.

I have used Slime in 3x heavy duty tubes for many years, which prevents explosive blowouts. Could 4 oz. be too much in a 12.5 x 2.25 tube? What is the appropriate amount? The Slime website calculator recommends 1.8 oz. And yet, if the vibration is from congealed Slime, then why when only under power and not while coasting? My next test is to replace the tube without Slime so I can eliminate that as the cause, but I hate to give up the protection. I am at wits end and any thoughts would be appreciated.

William Spicer

If the tube sealant was causing the vibration then the vibration should happen all of the time and not just when applying power.

I have been thinking about this and I think that it may be caused by the rear wheel sprocket (unless you have recently replaced it). If you replaced the motor so it has a new sprocket, and you replaced the chain, however the wheel sprocket has not been replaced then it may be worn out and catching on the chain when power is applied which is causing the vibration.

Chains and sprockets wear out together and they are recommended to be replaced all together as a set. If you have not replaced the rear wheel sprocket then that is what I recommend so that all of the sprockets and the chain are new.
 Remedy Found  

Upgrading to a 1000W 40A Speed Controller (SPD-SD1000) was a huge improvement. My previous 36V 750W 30A controller (SPD-36750A) was perhaps not enough for my new 24V 750W motor running at 36 volts. I tried eliminating the vibration by replacing the tire, tube, chain, and 90 tooth sprocket. I also removed the Slime and balanced the wheels with motorcycle weights. Each change was made one at a time to limit the variables. Finally, it was a higher rated controller that stopped the persistent pulsing, plus I gained more torque and better acceleration. However, I still get a little vibration from my alternate battery pack, which is on its last legs. The newer pack provides more current for a smooth speed range of 2 to 22 mph. And, ESP conquered that 2 oz is indeed the appropriate amount of Slime, which I have reinserted with no issues.


That makes sense because when over-Volting a motor it demands significantly more current from the controller than before it was over-Volted. I did not know that Currie controllers would cause the motor to vibrate if they were overloaded though. It all makes sense now. Thanks for sharing this important information with us.

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