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Currie 36v direct drive motor

Got one of these motors that's drawing 64 amps and says rated at 32 amps current.    It'll run for a few seconds then the controller will shut it off.   

Tried already:

Cleaning the commutator 

Checking for wire breaks or shorts

The brushes are good.  Replaced them with a spare set.

Can this motor be repaired for less than the $250 new price ???

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32 Amps is the maximum current that the manufacturer recommends using the motor at however it could easily exceed 32 Amps if used under heavier riding conditions than it was deigned for.

If it is drawing 64 Amps under normal riding conditions then it likely has short circuited coil windings and replacement rotors are not available for that motor as far as I know. I suppose the coils could be rewound though.

Is the motor drawing 64 Amps with no load or with a normal load (one person on flat to 15 degree uphill terrain)?

It started a month ago and was cutting out the power intermittently while riding.  

Got worse, then just blew out my controller. Toast.  

Got new controller and tested.  Under a load, it cut out after 30 seconds or heavy load.

 I twist the throttle and it immediately goes to yellow on a full charge.  

Got about 6000 miles out of this one, which is the 2nd motor now toast.

12k miles on scooter, and my dog is still not worn out yet. An 11.5 year old Alaskan Malamute mix.

That definitely sounds like a short circuited motor coil then. One of the coils must have overheated and burned off some of its insulation. Sometimes during an extremely heavy load event on the motor the coils can overheat without the motor's case having time to get hot. Other times the the motor overheats more slowly and the case gets hot before the coils overheat to the point of shorting.

That is extremely perceptive of you to realize that the motor is causing the problem that burned out the controller. Most people don't understand that when a controller fails the reason why could be because of a faulty motor. I can not even remember how many time we have been blamed for selling defective controllers when it was the motor that was causing the problem.

I am not trying to sell you a motor here but I just want to warn you in case you need one that we only have five of these Currie 36V 1000W motors with attached gearbox and axle in stock right now and we will not be getting our next batch of them for around five or six months. I expect that we will be sold out of them in around two months.


Item # MOT-SD361000DD 36V 1000W Motor with Gearbox and Axle for eZip and IZIP Scooters

The DD at the end of the item number stands for Direct Drive.

Yes, I figured as much.

I've seen coupon codes for first time buyers, yet no where to enter it before purchase.

Am I missing something ?

We do not offer coupons so for that reason there is no place to enter a coupon code in our shopping cart. The coupon that you found may have been for a different store or possibly it was a fake.

Although we like to look for sales and coupons when shopping for personal items when it comes to running our store we perceive coupons and sales to be gimmicky so we do not engage in them. We are kind of like the Trader Joes of scooter parts and we don't have sales or coupons so you don't have to wait for a sale to start or coupon to become available to buy something at its best price.

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