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HCF Cute 002 electric Scooter Wiring Help

 I have no idea how to wire this and would greatly appreciate any help whatsoever,

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Unfortunately there is no wiring diagram available for the HCF Cute 002 electric scooter. We may be able to help though. What kind of situation are you in with the wiring?

I was given the scooter and to be honest I am not at all educated in this field,.There is a key switch and also a toggle switch, There is also a headlight. Everything seems to connect easily, However there are 2 wires from the IC Controller ( purple, gray ) that I am not sure where they go. Also there is a plug that plugs into the battery indicator but it has a green wire that extends outward and I dont know where it connects. Ive attached photos. I greatly appreciate any help and effort.


(558 KB)
(701 KB)
(401 KB)

Since we do not have a wiring diagram for that scooter I do not have any information on where the stray wires should to connect to.

Usually when there are stray wires it is obvious where they connect to due to their length and the type of connector that they have however from looking at the photos which you attached it appears that the scooter has been attempted to be repaired by someone else and it has been left in an incomplete state. Since there is no wiring diagram available this makes diagnosis and repair very difficult because the way that the scooter was originally wired by the factory has been lost and is no longer known.

There are no wire at all going to the key switch and only one wire going to the rocker switch which indicates a significant amount of tampering and wire removal has been performed on the scooter.

Like the halfway joking sign reads that hangs in many auto repair shops "$50 per hour, $75 per hour if you watch, $100 per hour if you help, $150 per hour if you tried to fix it first but could not". That scooter is in the "you tried to fix it first but could not" state which makes repairs to it very difficult.


If the scooter can not be made to work with the parts that it currently has then replacing the controller and throttle with new ones would be the best bet because then the new controller would have wiring directions to follow.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

what controller and throttle do you suggest? thank you so much for taking the time to help.


For a conversion controller our SPD-24500B would be a great choice. Just about any of our throttles without power meters or with 24 power meters will work with the SPD-24500B controller. A good throttle choice would be THR-105K because it has a built-in battery indicator and key switch. With this throttle all of the scooters original switches and indicators could be bypassed for an easy installation.

We could make a kit out of SPD-24500B and THR-105K that has wires to splice onto to the two motor and two battery pack wires onto for a very easy installation. If you are interested in a kit like this then please let us know.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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