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mobility scooter batteries die in 2 months


I have a Pace Saver mobility scooter. It is 3 years old. Today it has just lost power after 10 city blocks and the battery pack is only 2 months old. The last set lasted 2 months also. They are 24 volt packs gel batteries. 

   I am wondering if there can be a problem with the scooter that eats my batteries?

I would take it in for a diagnostic but....I live in New York City and there is only one scooter repair and he is not very good! The repair companies online will only come out when you have an insured scooter. 

   Any suggestions as to what I can look for (troubleshooting) on my scooter? 

HELP !!! 

The most likely part of the scooter that would cause the batteries to not function properly would be the battery charger or charger port. Here is a video showing how to test the charging system to confirm if it is working or not.

After the battery pack has been fully charged and the charger has been turned off and unplugged from the scooter then the Voltage of the battery pack should be between 27.6 Volts and 28.2 Volts.

If the charging system is working properly and the battery pack is being recharged to the correct Voltage level however the battery pack is not providing the range that it should or that it used to then the next diagnostic step would be to load test the individual batteries in the pack using a carbon pile battery load tester or to have them load tested by a local battery store. All battery stores that we know of will load test these type of batteries for free.

The likelihood of the controller or motor causing the battery pack to loose its charge too quickly is very low because if these parts were causing that problem then the extra energy they were consuming would be converted into heat which would burn them out.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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