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Motor for iZip Express - XYD-13


My iZip Express electric bicycle is making some rather loud noises these days. I suspect the motor is at fault and am thinking about replacing it. I opened up the case where the motor is to figure out what's currently in there. Here is what was stated on the label:

Motor Model: XYD-13

Voltage: 24VDC

Rated Current: 36A

Rated Speed: 2600RPM

Output Power: 600W

I see there is a similar sounding motor on this website (MOT-SD166) but it is labelled XYD-1313. I'm not sure if that's a typo? I'd appreciate it if someone could confirm that this motor will be compatible with my iZIP Express.

Thanks for the help!

The XYD1313 motor number on our website is a typo and it is actually a XYD13. There is a glitch in our website software that causes numbers to repeat like that sometimes. We fixed this typo today so it no longer exists.

I am not sure whether MOT-SD166 is compatible with the IZIP Express electric bicycle. I know that the IZIP Express bicycle is belt drive and MOT-SD166 has a chain sprocket on it. I do not know if the IZIP Express motor's belt cog will fit on the MOT-SD166 motor's shaft though.

If you would like I can contact Currie and see if they have a motor for the IZIP Express?

This way if they do then we can be 100% certain that it is the right motor for the bike.
Thanks! Yes, I'd appreciate it if you could check with Currie whether they have a motor and let me know the price.


We submitted a price and availability request for the motor to Currie yesterday and we are awaiting their reply. As soon as we hear back from them we will let you if it is available and its pricing.
Thank you!


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