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GT Tsunami: Stopped running.

Riding downhill less than ten minutes, no load just me, suddenly the throttle stopped working. I see the lights are on, fuse is fine. no smell of burn anywhere, no heat...I turn the throttle and....nothing. No click, no sound of motor, no  change of light in the power. 

It sounds like the brake switch might have failed. If the scooter has a brake lever with a wire that goes to the controller then I would disconnect the brake switch wire from the controller and see if it works then.

Please let us know how it goes.

No, it doesn't have a rear brake (next purchase on the list) Just front brake for now. 

. I figured out what happened because after a little while it started working again, then suddenly, about 1 hour into riding it begun acting on its own: It would into full speed even with the throttle off. Had to be shut off. (It happened right as I was waiting for a lighy. Nearly got me run over)That pointed something "wet": The contacts between the throttle and the controller had gotten wet, some of them had that "powder-like corrosion", both male and female.

Thanks for the answer. Grateful as always.

Great to hear that you solved the problem and got the scooter running. I know that electric scooters do not like getting wet however I rarely mention that as a possible problem. I will have to remember that the next time someone asks.

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