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Why does my electric bike motor get hot.

Hi my name is naseem joseph i am from pakistan.Few days ago i buy a electric bike for my nephew age 7 have 24 volt battery 250 watt chain motor.After 15 or 20 minute running its motor get very hot and give smoke now its wiring and supply are burn.which motor or supply should i use that not get hot or burn.please guide me.

The bike may need to be upgraded to a more powerful motor and controller if it is used in a hilly or mountainous area.

The photos that you attached did not attach properly so I can not see them. If you could try to reattach the photos again then i would be glad to have a look and make recommendations.

Thanks for your reply. I try to start motot direct with battery the wire of battery get warm in few second. It means motor is faulty.
Yes it looks and sounds like the motor has overheated and one or more of its coils has short circuited which is causing its wires to heat up when ran directly off of the battery. This is also what must have caused the speed controller to burn out.

Looking at the photo of the dirt bike I notice that for a 250 Watt 2750 RPM motor it has a very small wheel sprocket compared to the size of the wheel. This gives the bike a high gear ratio which puts a lot of stress on the motor.

If you are okay with lowering the top speed of the bike and installing a larger wheel sprocket then the motor and controller could probably be safely replaced with the same 250 Watt parts.  However if you want to keep the same top speed and use the existing wheel sprocket then I recommend to upgrade the bike to a larger motor and controller such as 500 or 750 Watt. This will keep the motor and controller from overheating due to the extra power that they will have.
Thanks but can I use gear motor 24 volt 250 watt.I think if I use gear motor of 250 watt I can get good backup of battery. Can you surges me a good high rpm motor for my dirt bike.

If you replace the original motor with a gear motor then the top speed will be very slow. We do not carry a 24V 250W 2750 RPM motor however we do have a motor with those same specification that runs at 2650 RPM which is our item # MOT-24250X2650 sold on this page:

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