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GT 450 Electro Drive

Ello. I have a GT 450 Electro Drive scooter. I noticed it was not under make and model section. Q? Could parts be used from other GTs. Like the 500. What ever happened to the GT 450 model? Not really coming across on specific parts. Also need a 3 pin Battery charger. Low rate charge. Attached is specs picture. Is there a specific charger cable for GT450? (x2) Batt. 12V 10A. Whats the life span on a speed controller unit? DC Brush M Controller. 24V 40A. Is what i need. Need some help choosing correct alternative parts . If that. Thnx
We just added the GT GT-450 scooter to our GT scooter parts pages. Here is the link to it:

The battery chargers and battery pack wiring harness are both listed on the new GT 450 parts page.

The speed controller will usually last for as long as it has not been overheated. If it is used gently and not allowed to overheat then it should last as long as the scooter does. However if it is overheated from the scooter being driven up a hill that is too steep for it or from another event that causes it to overheat then it could burn out and need to be replaced.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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