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GT Tsunami: New batteries charge fast, run out just as quick

I have been avoiding using the form again but I'm out of options. Basically, my batteries (which are around 4 months old -- Apex brand) are simply not performing well at all.

The battery  back charges to around  27.3 V  if I let them fully charge   until the  charger light  goes green.  if I let the charger  plugged in for 12 hours or more in my get up to 27.5 at best. 

 I'm using the scooter  in fairly flat surfaces with a little bit of an incline here  and there,  but no serious hils  and it  has gotten so bad, it barely goes  for a 1.5 miles  before start running out. And this while using the scooter at very slow speeds, not  full throttle.

 I tested the batteries after I  come back and they read around 26.2 V. 

Things I have done/tested/checked: 

  •  I pulled all the wiring harness and double check all the cables, cleaned all the connectors.
  •  I've changed the charge port twice. Right now it is less than a week  old.
  •  I changed   the fuse.
  •  I originally had used a 10 gauge wire to connect the batteries within the pack. I changed it to a 12 gauge.
  •  I cleaned up all the connections and terminals in the batteries  and the cables.
  •  I double checked the wheels to make sure the property installed and that there is no drag.  
  •  I make sure the PSI on the wheels is set to 40 every time I ride.

 I have three different chargers, all of them new. One is a standard battery 3-stage   charger from Harbor freight,  the other two are IntorCircuit,  2 amp and a 4 amp chargers.  I have tested all three and they all gave  the same result:  batteries (each) charges to around 13.6  whether I charge them outside of the scooter independently  or in the scooter using the 2 amp charger

The batteries take a very short time to charge using the 4 amp charger: one hour ,  an hour and 1/2. 

The thing is when I use the throttle, any time I turn it on full (max power)  day battery indicator goes to red,  it has been it is like this since the beginning and I have a feeling there's something that isn't right about the configuration. 

 I have no installed the  motor sprocket you sent me for more torque and less speed,  to think is that matters.  I would also like to point out that I had to install a new fuse holder as the original one went bad. All the splices in the wiring have been secured using  proper 10-12 gauge wire connectors.

 I am at a loss as  two why this is happening. Any ideas? 

The battery indicator on the throttle is a basic Voltmeter and since it is going to red anytime that you twist the throttle that indicates that the battery pack is dropping too many Volts when it is under load.

The battery indicator is showing that the battery pack is faulty or weak and dropping excessive Voltage under load. A good 24 Volt battery pack will drop a little bit of Voltage (1/2 to 2 Volts) under load which is not enough for the battery indicator to show a decrease in Voltage. For the battery indicator to go to red the Voltage is most likely dropping to around 23 Volts or less.

If you have a warranty on the batteries then I recommend exercising that option and if there is no warranty on them then upgrading to a better brand of batteries is recommended.

I got new batteries. 22 ah. Better brand. The problem remains: When I hit the full throttle, it drops to red. It has been like this since I received the parts from your store. 

If the battery indicator light on the throttle goes to red (low) when you apply full throttle that indicates a significant drop in the Voltage of the battery pack. A good battery pack would not do that so there may be a problem with the charging system or with one or more of the batteries.

The charging system can be tested by checking the output Voltage of the battery charger, and the Voltage of the charger port. The battery charger should have an output Voltage of around 29 Volts, and the charger port should have the same Voltage as the battery pack.

I checked through your order history in our store and found ten orders that you placed, however, I could not find any orders for batteries.

I recommend checking to see if there is a warranty on the batteries and if there is to pursue getting them replaced under warranty. If you did purchase the batteries from us (maybe under a different name or email address) then please let us know more details about the order and we will be glad to verify it and file a warranty claim for the batteries.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

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