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charger wont work

my kids electric quad won't work. the red kightbwill not come on and it won't charge. I have changed the fuse and still nothing. i would appreciate any help I can get. thanks
If the red light on the charger will not come on then the problem could be with the charger or with the charger port.

To determine which part is causing the problem the output Voltage of the charger, and the Voltage of the charger port will need to be tested with a multimeter. If either of these parts does not have any Voltage then that is the part that is faulty.

We do not know what make and model of electric quad you have so we are not able to give more specific testing procedures at this point in time. If you could let us know the make and model then we would be able to give more specific advice though.

I have the exact same issue. I just ordered and received a Go-Bowen Electric Mini ATV Sonora .
it is a great little machine. however the charger light remains Green , even when not plugged into the battery. and after leaving it plugged in for 8 hours provides no additional charge to the battery.
any advise?

We can help with charger and charger port testing instructions, however, we can not find any photos or owners manual for the Go-Bowen Sonora electric ATV so we do not know what type of output plug is on the charger or what type of charger port it has.

If there is any way that you could attach photos of the charger plug and port then we would be able to help with troubleshooting instructions.



see picture of Charger and Charger Plug.. also the port on the ATV.

The charger plug and charger port can be tested to determine where the problem is. 

The charger, when plugged into the wall, should have around 29 Volts DC at its output plug.

The charger port should have a little less Voltage, maybe around 25 or 26 Volts, however, if the battery pack has not been recharged then it might be a little less. 

Here are the instructions for testing these parts.

When testing the plug and port pay attention to which terminals are live and which ones are positive and negative. Because it sounds like there may be a mismatch between the live terminals of the plug and port. 

If the charger has zero output Volts, however, its green light is on, that usually indicates a blown fuse inside of the charger which could have happened from a polarity mismatch between the charger plug and charger port. 

If the charger port has zero Volts at any of its terminals then there is a problem with the port's wires or connector, or possibly a problem with the controller that is preventing the charging signal from reaching the battery pack. 

The charger port can be unplugged from the controller and continuity can be tested between its socket terminals and connector terminals to determine if it is causing the problem. Also, the controller's charger port connector terminals can be tested to see if they are making electrical contact with the battery pack. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, and please let us know how it goes. 

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