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Upgrade 24v to 36v pulse electric dirt bike

Yes I what to up grade my son's 24v pulse electric dirt bike to 36v I was seen videos on YouTube do you only need to up grade motor,controller and throttle and get I 3 batteries
Need feed back

When upgrading the electrical system from 24V to 36V typically the motor, controller, throttle (if it has a battery indicator on it), battery pack, and battery charger need to be replaced. 

However, some people choose to over-Volt their 24 Volt motor to make it run faster and in this case, the original 24 Volt motor is reused. Over-Volting a motor can cause it to overheat and burn out so we are not suggesting doing this, however, it is an option that is often exercised. 

If you don't mind us asking. What are your goals for the modification? More uphill power, more speed, longer riding time, or???

More speed I want to buy from you guy but I need to now what motor,controller and battery please help ....
For more speed, a larger motor could be custom installed along with a smaller rear wheel sprocket. This combination of parts would increase the top speed. Installing a larger motor without a smaller wheel sprocket would make it be a better hill climber but would not increase the top speed.

The Pulse EM-1000 dirt bike has a 100 Watt motor, so upgrading to a 250 Watt or larger motor and installing a smaller wheel sprocket would increase its speed.

The Voltage would not need to be increased to do this and could remain at 24 Volts unless you want to upgrade to a 36 Volt system.

It looks like there is plenty of room in the frame for a larger motor.


Here are gear ratio calculation results showing the 10 MPH speed with the original motor and the new 16 MPH speed with a larger motor and smaller wheel sprocket.


A kit such as item # KIT-102 could be used to upgrade the bike to 250 Watts:

The 65 tooth sprocket that fits the Pulse EM-1000 dirt bike is item # SPT-2565S which is sold on this page:

We could make a new variation of KIT-102 if you would like any changes made to it such as different; batteries, throttle, switch, etc. And we could also add the 65 tooth sprocket to a variation of the kit.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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