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TRX Shuts off while riding.

My TRX 2 wheel transporter 36 volt will shutoff while riding. It will then start again if I turn it off then back on with the switch. Sometimes it will go for the rest of the time I am on it and sometimes it will just go for a few seconds. I replaced the off on switch but that did not matter. What else could I check?

Sorry, I posted as a 2 wheel but it is a 3 wheel. 

We recommend checking the battery pack wiring harness connections. Sometimes these connections will loosen and cause that type of problem. Check the connections to the batteries themselves and also to the speed controller. All of these should be tight and not discolored, and the wire insulation should look like new and not be distorted or melted.

If the battery pack wiring harness has good connections then it might be the throttle to controller connector or even possibly a broken wire underneath the throttle cable's insulation.

Thanks for the reply.

Could the controller be going bad? I didn't see any bad connections. I am worried that I might be gone on it and it just stops and will not go again. I depend on it to go places out doors because of my disability.

The controller going bad is a possibility.

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