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24v scooter motor question on current rating


I have what I believe is a 24v 135W currie scooter motor for a project I am building and I am trying to figure out current both continuous and maximal so I can use the right gauge wire and the right amperage switches.

Not sure if the motor is rated at 135w weather this is continuos or maximal.  Just has 135w on the sticker on the motor.

If 135W  it is continuous I would imagine this calculation:

135/24= around 6 amps.

How much extra would you allow for stall speeds etc?  

I was thinking of having the circuit tolerate 10 A with a 10 A fuse to protect the motor.  Too much? not enough??

thanks for any help!

A 24 Volt 135 Watt electric scooter motor is typically used with a controller that has a 12 Amp maximum current rating.

The motor's 135 Watt rating is the maximum continuous Wattage that the motor can be allowed to demand without overheating. The motor can be allowed to demand more Wattage during peak loads such as when going up inclined driveways and short hills. 

Running the motor with a 10 or 12 Amp fuse should work for the motor and also allow for momentary stalls and peak demands.

If using this motor without a variable speed controller on a scooter then we recommend pushing the scooter to around walking speed before engaging the power switch. This will prolong the life of the motor because it will not have to start the scooter from a standstill. The single speed controller that Currie uses with their 24V 135W motors has a built-in feature that requires the scooter to be rolling at 3 MPH or more before it will turn on power to the motor.

awesome.  Great information thanks!  looks like I can use 18 Ga wire and 10 amp switches.

Yes that should be fine. Although 18 gauge wire should work we recommend using a little thicker wire though such as 16 or 14 gauge.

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