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Overvolting the MOT-SD175FW 750 watt motor

I need more juice on the GT Tsunami. I did not consider overvolting it by adding a 3rd 12v 22ah battery in series. But the SPD-SD500 controller I bought as part of the kit is rated for 30 amps, so I am sure if I should or not. 

Since you know the parts, I was wondering if you can tell me what you think. 

The SPD-SD500 controller is a 24 Volt controller so using it with a 36 Volt battery pack may work however is not something that we recommend.

The best practice would be to use a 36 Volt controller with the 36 Volt battery pack. This way all of the Voltage specifications are matching with each other and the controller will shut the motor off at 32 Volts and not allow the battery pack to become over discharged which would damage it.

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