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Razor Ecosmart Metro problem

I'm having problems with my Razor Ecosmart Metro and I'm not sure what to fix. Sometimes when I twist the throttle, my motor and clutch do not engage. While I do this, my battery voltage shows I have a full charge. But then, sometimes it just turns off or shows a low voltage even though the batteries are fully charged. I can't tell if I should replace my throttle, free wheel clutch, or if my harness needs to be taped securely onto my batteries. The reason why I suspect it may be my harness is because I recently replaced my batteries with a harness I bought from ESP. I live in NYC where the roads have a lot of bumps. I started having this issue after riding on a road that was under construction. Could the bumps be loosening the connectors on my batteries? I also notice that the scooter squeaks quite a bit around the drive train. I can't tell where exactly it's coming from. I've had this scooter for under a month and am surprised I already have to deal with repairing it before I even get to take advantage of it's utility. I'll post a video of what I'm experiencing later today.
This is most likely to be loose battery wiring harness terminals. On the original Razor EcoSmart battery pack and on the battery pack with wiring harness (ESM-BATTERIES2) that we sell the wires are soldered onto the battery tabs so they can not come loose under any conditions.

Battery pack wiring harnesses with push-on terminals are prone to loosening when used on rough or bumpy roads.

You could remove the battery harness terminals from the batteries and tighten them a little with pliers before reinstalling them. However, they would almost certainly loosen again the next time the scooter was driven on a bumpy road. 

Since you live in an area with bumpy roads, as a permanent solution we recommend soldering the wiring harness terminals onto the batteries so they are permanently attached and can not come loose.

The squeaking sound is likely to be from the band brake on the rear wheel. We recommend to prop the rear wheel off of the ground and spin it by hand while listening to the point of sound that the squeaking is coming from. That will help to pinpoint the cause of the noise.

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