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Electric deer cart

I have started an electric deer cart and could use some advice and parts. So far cart has 20" wheels on3/4" axel with 1/2" drive shaft with 11 tooth drive sprocket and 72 tooth wheel sprocket all with#35 chain and a 9 tooth 1/2-1/8 bike chain gear for drive. Motor location makes it susceptible to wet which I planned on protecting how critical is the wet?? Cart will be 300 max with load. Thinking 24v 450watt gear motor with reverse ,thumb throttle ,wiring harness with connectors, and fuse. Cart would have minimal use( trying to extend my hunting) is this over kill? I have 2 18ah batteries + charger. Should we talk first or would parts list be next? Not sure if computer or phone is best? Thank you Bob Keegan C 518-428-3817 h 518 -756-2832
Using this forum would probably be best because then we can communicate with drawings and photographs if needed.

Our 24 Volt 450 Watt gear motor item # MOT-24450G has a water-resistant sealed design so splashed water will not get inside of it. It is not waterproof though so it can not be used underwater. It has a 9 tooth sprocket for 1/2" x 1/8" bicycle chain which it sounds like is what you need it to have.

We can run some gear ratio calculations to see if the existing sprockets are the right size for the speed you want.

What is the top speed that you want the cart to travel at?

Will the cart be used on flat ground only or a combination of flat ground with some hills? Or???

Are the axle, drive shaft, and sprockets as shown in the drawing below?


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