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Scooter suddenly didn't start

Hi, I have a 60V Viper Blade scooter with lithium ion batteries. Once when I tried to turn on the scooter it didn't work so I opened up the compartment and the connecting positive red wire from the battery wasn't in full contact with the other red wire coming from the rest of the circuit. So I pushed it in further and the scooter was working. Now a few days later it doesn't work at all and I have a feeling it has to do with the connectors from the battery to the circuit. The battery is working as when I measured thr voltage of the battery it was an appropriate 62V however when I connected the battery to the circuit and measured the voltage it measured around 30V which is way less than the cut-off voltage of 48V hence the scooter doesn't run. As I said previously the scooter didn't run as the positive wire was loose and when I pushed it in further it worked so are the connectors in need of replacement? Maybe they are just damaged. Could it also be an issue with the transformer? When I took the wires from the little black cover itself and connected them it still didn't work. I attatched a photo so you can see what I'm talking about.
Nevermind I went to an electrician and he tested the battery. Turns out the battery dead :(
Glad to hear that you have solved the problem. Sorry to hear that it was the lithium battery pack though because that is an expensive part to replace.

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