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Hi everyone. I have totally - 000 knowledge about Electronic Scooter. Were given a damaged Jiewo /Joewo e scooter with totally no information. Got it repaired for Sgd300 so it's on the move till yesterday. When I dismantled it to find what is wrong with the front light as I went to 3 local shops in Singapore but they refused to fix it. Now I have bigger problems as it is in pieces, screws from different sizes are everywhere as I can't recall on how I took it out. I seriously need a manual to fix it back. Also advised on how to minimise the lots of wires, how to make my front light work & if can do, how do I increase the existing speed. Please enlighten me. I'll attached some files so you have a clearer picture. Sincerely appreciated
We do not have an owners manual or wiring diagram for that scooter. We recommend to leave the wiring alone and not to attempt to minimize the number of wires that the scooter has as every wire has a purpose and if one was removed then something or everything on the scooter would not work. The most common cause of the headlight not working is a burned out bulb. As far as putting the scooter back together if you can not figure that out then maybe you can find someone like a friend of a friend who has mechanical experience who could figure that out.

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