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Identify scooter

I need parts for this scooter. Can anyone help me identify the model.

That scooter was definitely sold by Freedom, however, it is a model that we have not seen before. It looks to be an older model which was made with common parts though so we most likely carry most of the parts that are on it.

Replacement parts will need to be selected from our individual parts pages because we do not have a model page for that scooter.

We can help with finding the right parts. What part or parts do you need for it?
Need to start off with a key switch because I am unable to find key. I also need a charging cord.
That scooter uses an external battery charger. If you do not have the battery charger for it then that is what would be needed instead of a charging cord. The charger specifications of 24 Volts 2 Amps are printed on the charger port so that makes it easy. The charger port is the XLR type. We have 24 Volt 2 Amp chargers with XLR plugs available on this page:

We might have a key switch for it. How many wires does the key switch have?
Two wires
We ordered the two wire key switches that you need a couple of weeks ago and just got them in stock today. The connector on our key switch is different than the one on yours so the old connector will need to be cut and spliced onto the new key switch.


This key switch is our item # SWT-334 which is available on this page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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