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Razor Ecosmart Battery - minor adjustments?

My daughter has a Ecosmart scooter.  She's 15, 120 pounds, and needs it to drive to dog sitting gigs in our neighborhood.  We live in Missouri where it can get pretty cold in the winter.  We are using the original batteries (which we've had for two years.  The scooter stays in the garage in the winter.  Last winter I bought a heating pad and kept it plugged in on top of the deck all winter).


1) The current batteries conk out pretty quickly.  We live in a very hilly area.  So the scooter is either struggling up a hill or coasting down.  There's not a lot of flat area.  So currently if she goes about 1 - 1.5 miles one way she cannot get the scooter reliably back home.  I want to replace the batteries with ones that will a) reliably get her to and from about a two mile away destination, and b) still be good when we likely sell it in a year or so (as she will be driving a car at that point), and 3) require no modification other than new batteries.  I don't think I need the 36v upgrade I've read in the forums.  So my question is whether I can just upgrade to the 12v 9ah (UB12100-S) batteries and keep everything else the same (i.e., same charger and harness - I know I'll need new spade connectors)?  Will the 9ah give her any more range?  Again, I think our biggest struggle is hills.  And we just need it to really wrk well for one more  year.

2) Is the battery loss she has a result of the cold winters?  She really doesn't use it that often (2x/week) and we keep it plugged in at all times.  Has the winter or the constant plug-in damaged the batteries?  And is my solution of the heating pad sufficient to ward off damage for these new batteries?  We don't really have a good place for her to keep it in the house.  So I'd like it to live in the garage.  Plus it's really heavy and not easy for her to get over steps.

Thanks for any advice.

The Razor EcoSmart electric scooter's original 7Ah battery pack can be replaced with our 9Ah battery set and the original battery charger can be reused with the new battery pack. The original wiring harness can either be soldered onto the new batteries or attached with spade connectors. We recommend soldering for the highest reliability. In addition to a set of individual batteries, we also sell a battery pack for the EcoSmart that has a new wiring harness soldered onto the batteries. The 9Ah battery pack will provide a longer range than the original 7Ah battery pack. The range of the 9Ah battery pack should be around 25% longer than with the 7Ah battery pack.

The worn out original battery pack is more likely to be from a combination of its age and how many times it was used rather than from cold winters. These type of batteries cannot be frozen, however, cold weather above freezing actually helps to extend their life.

Leaving the battery charger plugged into the scooter all of the time may have damaged the batteries and is not recommended by us or Razor. In the EcoSmart scooter's owners manual the following instructions are written about charging the battery pack: 
    • Recharge time: up to 12 hours, even if the light turns green.
    • Recommended maximum charging time is 24 hours.
    • Always charge the battery immediately after riding.
    • Fully charge battery before storing for extended periods of time.
    • Unplug charger from the wall outlet when not in use.
    • Failure to recharge battery periodically may result in a battery that will not accept a charge.
    • Make sure scooter power switch is turned OFF when the scooter is not in use. If the power switch is left on for an extended period of time, the battery may reach a stage at which it will no longer hold a charge.
    • To ensure long battery life, never store the product in freezing or below freezing temperatures! Freezing will permanently damage the battery.

    If the heating pad is used in a way that prevents the batteries from freezing then it will prevent them from being damaged during freezing weather. Another method to save the batteries from freeze damage during the winter would be to remove them from the scooter and bring them inside the house. However, the battery pack should be placed back in the scooter and recharged every 30 days so this may not be very convenient depending on how many months the freezing weather lasts for. To make this more convenient we sell an off-scooter charging adapter for the battery pack which will allow it to be recharged when it is out of the scooter.

    Please let us know if we missed any questions or if you have any further questions.

    Can you please provide a link to one with the wiring harness soldered?  I only saw that one wiring harness was needed.  So would I buy one with a wiring harness and two without?

    You're very helpful.  Thank you!

    The Razor EcoSmart battery pack with wiring harness soldered onto it is item # ESM-BATTERIES2 which is sold on this page:



    Regarding your question about buying one with a wiring harness and two without. Could you please rephrase that? I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

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