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Full throttle vivration

Finished hooking parts up to scooter. Doing some test now when starting to speed up there's a vibration in the rear hub. The hub was feeling kinda tight to me so I loosened it up a bit. I don't know if that's why I'm getting that vibration. If I tighten the hub the wheel doesn't spin freely. Do u know wat the problem might b??
I also had to install motor without tensioner cause 8mm chain wouldn't fit the tensioner that came with the bike
And one more thing I had to turn the motor backward cause of the original install. Could this be cause the vibrations too??

Common causes of rear wheel vibration are:

  • Old and new sprockets and chain being used together with each other.
  • Chain tension that is too tight.
  • Worn out wheel bearings.

Turning the motor backward should not cause the wheel to vibrate.

What I meant by backward is I had to wire the motor in reverse to fit on the ecosmart. I switch from the #25 chain to the 8mm and now the tensioner can't fit that's y I removed it. Do u know if there's one to fit the ecosmart??
Well its not the wheel vibrating. It feels more like the motor or the rear hub
Wiring the motor in reverse will not cause it to vibrate. You could remove the chain and run the motor without it to check for motor vibration.

I do not know of a chain tensioner to recommend when modifying the EcoSmart to 8mm chain. It is usually best practice to eliminate the chain tensioner though and use proper chain tension in place of it. Then there is one less moving part in the drivetrain and the chain will be quieter without it also.
Well that's how I got it right no tensioner. I had to loosen the rear hub axle a bit cause it was not running freely like the front wheel. The way I got it now u could hear it rattle a bit. Do u think this might be the cause of the harse rattle
If a rattling sound appeared after loosening the bearing cone then the wheel bearings are almost certainly causing the sound. The bearings may need to be replaced if worn out, or if not worn out then cleaned, repacked with grease, and properly tensioned to eliminate the sound.
Do u know y the rear hub doesn't spin freely like the front 1. For it to spinn freely I have loosen the hub up. Is that normal??
No that is not normal, the rear wheel should spin freely just like the front wheel does without the need for its bearing cones to be excessively loose. I do not know why the rear wheel is not spinning freely and recommend disassembling and inspecting the rear wheel bearings for signs of wear or lack of lubrication.
Yeah cause that's wat I thought that something was wrong. Wat about the controller do u think the controller would cause the vibrations???
No, I do not think that the controller would cause the vibration.
OK thankx

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