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É300 throttle mod

Ok throttle has 4 wires two Orange two brown New one only has. Red .green .black What do I do

A throttle with red, green, and black wires is a variable speed throttle and the original Razor E300 throttle with two orange and two brown wires is a single speed throttle. The variable speed throttle cannot be used to replace the single speed throttle because they are two different throttle types. 

Either a single speed throttle with the same wire colors as the original throttle will need to be purchased, or a variable speed controller could be purchased and custom installed on the scooter if you want the scooter to have variable speed control.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I was affraid of that . Thanks it's on my custom. Elericbike. My controller. Had went bad an Rob from the razor had ordered the other throttle prior so the controller has to be. Brusheless variable speed. Then to use this. Type. This bites . But thank u guess I'll put it back together yup ihad wires spliced. An throttle mounted lol thanks again .peace
Quick ? Putting off or all on back in play . Two orange to brown. I hooked it up runs. But my ? Is. Is there any possible way I could have wires rong . Well what I'm saying would it run in any other way wire were hooked or is as simply works wire right don't work wires Rong . I ask cause of the 50 50 odds. With two brown an two orange .lol
The throttle with two orange and two brown wires has two simple on/off switches inside of it so it does not matter if the exact same orange wire is connected to the same orange wire that it was cut off of, and the same goes for the brown wires.

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