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Axle bolt bushing replacement for razor dune buggy

Part W25143501037 spindle set all I need is the bushingspindle bolt .It looks like this one for the razor kick scooter I wonder if it's the same? Or is it availble seperatly anywhere https://electricscooterparts.com/images6/RKS-AXLEBOLTS.jpg

That Razor Dune Buggy spindle kingpin bolts are 10mm OD and the Razor kick scooter axle bolts are 8mm OD so the kick scooter axles will not work as replacements.

We have a source for these type of bolts in 10mm OD and various lengths. I will need to take some measurements of the kingpin bolts to make sure we can get the exact same size though.

If we can order these kingpin bolts it would take a couple of weeks for them to arrive. I will take some measurements this week and let you know if we can get them, and if we can then I will post a link to the page where they can be purchased.

Thank you, specifically I am looking for the bushings that keep the bolt from being all sloppy, I still have the bolt.  I measured and I think the bushing should be 3/8"OD 5/16" ID and about .25" long

 I've ordered some $.48 sleeve bearing bushings from mcmaster will update if they work out.

I notice that you purchased bushings with a 5/16" (7.93mm) ID. Yesterday I measured 9.81mm OD on the Dune Buggy kingpins. Are the kingpins on your Dune Buggy around 8mm OD instead of 10mm?
Well I hope so, I wasn't really thinking about the metric units. they seemed pretty right on the english 5/16"od on the bolt and 3/8" ID on the go kart frame but I was using a super cheap caliper.  Well I may find that they don't fit tonight. I will update. thanks.


All of Razor's products are made with metric size parts. Hopefully, there are two different size kingpins. I have seen Razor upgrade parts on newer versions so it would not be a surprise if there were. Please let us know how it goes.
Hello, So I reordered the 5/16 ID 7/16 OD and 3/8 long bushing and well I did get them to work however it was a tight fit into the frame.  It required a bit of hammer pounding and finally pressing in with a c clamp. but they're in and the thing is up and running again my son trying to break it again.   If i were to do it again I'd try a metric 8mmID and 11mm OD   . that should press in a bit easier as the one i used was 11.11mm(7/16")


Thanks for sharing that information with the forum. It is great to hear that you made them work. I checked with our metric bearing distributors and 8mm ID with 11mm OD is not an off the shelf flange bushing size. They make 8mm ID with 10mm OD and 8mm ID with 12mm OD, however, they do not make 11mm OD sizes so Razor must have had theirs custom made for the Dune Buggy.
I didn't use a flange bushing, I used a sleeve bushing.


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