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Axle bolt bushing replacement for Razor Dune Buggy

RDB-SPINDLES spindle arm set all I need is the bushing spindle bolt. It looks like this one for the razor kick scooter I wonder if it's the same? Or is it available separately anywhere

The Razor Dune Buggy spindle kingpin bolts are solid steel from the top to bottom and have male threads on the bottom for a nut to thread onto. 

The Razor kick scooter axle bolts are hollow in the middle with internal threads for a screw to thread into. Due to this, the kick scooter axle bolts are not as strong as the kingpin bolts so we do not recommend using them as kingpins for the Razor Dune Buggy. 

The Razor Dune Buggy spindle arm kingpin bolts have a 7.65mm outside diameter and the Razor kick scooter axle bolts have an 8mm outside diameter so they would not fit anyways. 

Thank you, specifically I am looking for the bushings that keep the bolt from being all sloppy, I still have the bolt.

We carry the spindle bushings which are our item # RDB-BUSHINGS on the Razor Dune Buggy Parts page. 

Spindle Bushings for Razor® Dune Buggy
Set of four spindle bushings for the Razor® Dune Buggy electric go-kart.

I need the same bushings. I ordered the "spindle bushings" thinking that was this part, but realized it was not after they arrived. If I order a new set of spindles, are these bushings included? Thank you.

The item # RDB-SPINDLES spindle arm set which is available on the Razor Dune Buggy Parts page includes the kingpins, however, does not include the spindle bushings. 

Here is a photo of the item # RDB-SPINDLES spindle arm set that shows everything that is included with them.

Spindle Arm Set for Razor® Dune Buggy
Front wheel spindle arms for the Razor® Dune Buggy electric go-kart.  Includes wheel nuts and washers, kingpins with washers and nuts, tie rod bolts with washers and nuts, and drag link bolt with washer and nut. Spindle bushings not included.

Hello, Thank you for the labeled photo. I ordered these bushings a couple weeks ago, however, they do not fit inside the frame where the kingpins go. I have version 2 of the Dune Buggy. 

The spindle bushings are a friction fit part which need to be pressed into the frame with a c-clamp or shop press. It takes a significant amount of force to press the bushing into the frame. This friction fit between the bushings and the frame is necessary to ensure that the bushings will not spin in the frame and wear it out.

We recommend installing one spindle bushing at a time and using the frame of the c-clamp against the bushing to help keep it aligned during the press, as the screw of the c-clamp has a head that pivots and is not good at keeping things aligned.

Got them installed. Love the graphics!

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