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TRX 3-Wheel Transporter Not Moving


I have a trx transporter and it will not move.  I replaced the batteries and when I turn it on the power indicator on the handle grip shows full but it wont go anywhere.  There was one fuse between the batteries that was blown and I replaced that but wasnt sure where else to start looking?  Any thoughts?


I am not an expert but I replaced my batteries and the off/on switch. I also take pictures of the insides before I start to remove things just for a record of how they were. Check the wiring of the batteries and switch. My switch was burned out but it still would show ok on the handle grip. I will attach my pictures if I can. Outside of that I would not know the problem.


(4.5 MB)
(4.7 MB)

 Thanks!  I will check that out.

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