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Citycoco fat tyre scooter

I have a citycoco fat tyre scooter. The speed controller went on it, I bought a new one. Problem now is that the connectors from the scooter throttle which has 3 plugs, I presume one is for twist throttle, 1 is for 3 speed setting button, and in think the 3rd one is for the horn. However the plug connectors are the same plug connectors that are on the new speed controller, I think they are both female. The colour of the wires do not match so it is very difficult to know which wires attach to which in order to get it working. Can anybody help at all? Thanks Paul
This is the speed controller I have, Can anyone tell me where the speed throttle cable, and 3 speed switch wire into?
(1.95 MB)
We do not carry that controller so I do not have a pinout or wiring directions for it. I recommend contacting the store that you purchased it from and requesting wiring directions from them.

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