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New HD chain way too loud

I put on the new HD chain I got from your store and...boy, it is as loud as chainsaw. So loud in fact, it is almost unrideable. I checked tension (good), the motor sprocket is less than 6 months old...All checks out fine. The scooter moves and rides fine, but noise level is beyond normal. 

Any tips on why it's so loud and how to minimize the problem? 

Chain and sprockets wear out together as a set, so they usually need to be replaced as a set otherwise excessive noise and parts wear will occur.

In the case where a new chain was installed on old sprockets, the excessive noise is caused by worn down and misshaped sprocket teeth catching on the new chain's rollers as the chain is moving.

If the 6 month old motor sprocket was run with a used chain then the used chain could have worn down the sprocket teeth to the point where they will not work well with a new chain.

If the new chain is creating excessive noise then the sprockets will need to be replaced in order to reduce the noise and extend the life of the new chain.

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