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Scooter won't stay on

My scooter will not stay powered up ,I was wondering if I bypassed the fuse switch under the seat would that work temporary, other wise I don't know what to do about the problem
Will bypassing the switch burn out anything

Bypassing the circuit breaker is generally not a good idea because doing so takes away the circuit protection that it provides.

If the circuit breaker is tripping because it is worn out then bypassing it should not burn out anything, however, if it is tripping because of a short-circuit or faulty motor or controller then bypassing it could cause the wiring harness or other parts on the scooter to burn out.

The switch doesn't trip off,as soon as I turn on the key the power comes on then fades off
Your description of the problem points towards a faulty, old, or worn out battery pack. The circuit breaker could not be causing that type of problem where the power fades off.

Even when we are sure that the battery pack is bad we still like to test them before replacement to confirm that they are bad so the replacement is based on test results and not a guess. We have a battery pack load testing guide available on this page:

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