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Wiring Throttle and breaks together

Hi I hope you can help me out on wiring my throttle and my breaks on a 4 pin connector. This 4 pin connector has color wires which are Brown, Red/Green, Green/white, and Blue/white. I did have there wires connected but I only got power to my alarm and the indicater to my battery but my lights did not come on and the bike wasn't moving when I twisted the throttle. There are 4 wires I did connected. I connected the red shut off to the Red/Green. A green wire to the brown a black wire to a blue/white and white there is other white wire on green/white and still there was nothing. Am I doing something wrong for my lights and throttle not coming on
Unfortunately, there are no industry standards for wire colors on electric scooters and bikes so we do not know the functions of those wire colors. The best chance of figuring this out would be to locate a pinout diagram for the controller or a wiring diagram for the scooter or bike.

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