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Throttle Error code 6 -I have been without wheels for weeks due to Error code 6

RE: Electric Scooter of Chinese origin

48v dual 1000w hub motors

 with hall sensor thumb throttle and 10' wheels


Can anyone help?  I started having this noise in my rear motor like the sound of a knobby rubber tire rubbing against the frame of a vehicle, like a cqard on a clothes pin in the spokes of a kids bike...but deeper. Then the motor needed a push to get going. Then i got Error code 6 on the hall effect thumb throttle and the scooter wouldnt go,except when the Error indicator disappeared on occasion. Usually it would work after sitting for the first jaunt of a ride until I braked or releases the throttle. After I did either of these actions the Error  would blink and the scooter wouldnt go with or without a push. Ive done exstensive visual inspection of all wires, I opened the speed controller where i found  a little dark orange resistor or something  loose inside . I found that it came from right next to where one of 2 little capacitors was soldered to board so i replaced that. But still same scenario , when turned on from long rest the scooter will go until i het brakes or release throttle the same deal blinking error 6 and no go. I looked for some diagnostic software online but found nothing and I dont have much info on the motor speed controller or throttle as theyre all chinese.  The guy I bought it from just sells stuff and doesnt seem to know much about repair or maintenece. Meanwhile  winter is approaching NYC fast and I am dieing to get back on my little rocket. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have arduino and could build a tester if i had detailed schematics etc,   Thanks Jeff

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