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Dear friends, I humbly need a help here with my daily commute companion scooter. Initially, I thought it was my thumb throttle that was bad and I changed it yet it won’t still work. I tried the new throttle on another scooter and it worked perfectly. All wirings checked are ok, controller works fine, battery is very ok as it hold charges for so long and charges fine too. Then what could be the problem? Could it be the motor? Don’t have an idea! The Chinese company that sold don’t have a standby technician in US to assist except by shipping back to China which doesn’t make sense to me at all. This scooter is very strong and can get u to 20miles- 24 miles distance which I have tried. After walking all day at workplace, It saves me a lot of walking from subway home which takes like 26 mins compared to 4 -5 mins scooter ride. Attached herewith are pictures as my references. Any idea or suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks and looking forward to your favorable response.

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If the battery pack, throttle, and controller all work fine then the only part left in the system that could be faulty is the motor or its wires and connectors. Hub motors often have broken or damaged wires where they exit the axle so that would be a good place to inspect for damage.

Please let us know how it goes.
Thanks for the response, I really appreciate. I will open it up on my day off and check the hub motor for broken or damage wires and revert back ASAP. Thanks so much.

Dear Sirs,

My ZAP power system failure, how could I know which electronics part is failure.

Appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Hi Frits, unfortunately, we can not determine which component on the board has failed without diagnosing the board. The most likely component to have failed is the relay though since it is the only component on the board that has moving parts inside of it.

Dear Sirs,

How could I find to replace the whole ZAP POWER SYSTEM instead of to find failure parts.

Thank you.

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