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Razor Dune Buggy Rear Axel Clicking Noise

My razor Dune Buggy has a clicking noise in the rear axle. It works fine except for the clicking noise. I’ve taken the cover off and can’t see anything that’s visibly bent or broken.
There are many different things that could cause a clicking noise in the rear axle. The most common causes of clicking in the rear axle are:
  • A dry chain that needs lubrication.
  • Worn out axle bearings.
  • Worn out chain and sprockets.

To help pinpoint what the problem is the chain could be removed and axle spun by hand to see if the clicking still happens with the chain removed. If the axle still clicks with the chain removed then the problem could be worn out bearings or possibly part of the brake that is loose or broken and is making the noise.

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