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Schwinn S150

I bought a replacement controller for my Schwinn S-150 from I've installed it but my scooter still isn't running. I notice the new controller has a single yellow wire that was not present on the original. Can anybody tell me what this wire is for? Thanks, James
The yellow wire is for the controller's charge inhibit feature which deactivates the motor when the battery charger is plugged into the scooter. It is an optional connection which does not need to be used for the controller to operate.

Older versions of the Schwinn S150 scooter did not have charge inhibit and newer versions did. However, the newer version controllers with a yellow wire will work on the older version scooters.


The S150 scooter is a push-to-start type and needs to be pushed off to around 3 to 4 miles per hour before it will start.

The push-to-start sequence is: turn power switch on - push scooter to over 4 MPH - twist throttle while scooter is traveling at 4 MPH or faster

Have you tried pushing the scooter to start it?

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