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Crazy cart

Hello i have a crazy cart i bought one of the all black ones i think the control module is going bad sometimes it will click and motor runs fine usally after i hit the top of module does this sounds like the control module or foot pedal problem when i don't hear it click it will not run motor. When it click the motor runs evertime any help on this does this sound like a controller going bad. Or could it be foot pedal .
That type of problem could be caused by many other things and not just the controller or foot throttle. It could be a malfunctioning fuse holder, wiring harness, power switch, power connectors, controller, or throttle.

When you hit the top of the controller that vibrates other parts of the cart also so it is not a definite troubleshooting test. If you unbolted the controller from the cart and held it in your hand when hitting it that would help to isolate the problem to the controller.
I have checked all the . wires and all. Wire connectall plug in seems fine the power swtich also checks out good but i will take controller off it may be a wire running to it thanks for the help just sorth of wanting to know can a controller act up like this work good Fews time then after sitting is when it will normally act up i hit the top it will start working right away
The controller has a mechanical relay inside of it which can stick open and turn on when hit.

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