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charging battery problems

Hi All

at my charger end i have 27v, at the controller chargeport i have 27v but my battery wont charge more then 17.4v. does it mean my battery is stuffed ?

also because its a 17.4v when i multi-meter the throttle end i get .56v is this because the controller has detected voltage below 20v and shutoff power getting to the motor ?

regards aron

If the charger is outputting 27 Volts and its current is reaching the battery pack, however, the battery pack will not recharge past 17.4 Volts that points towards a problem with the battery pack.

The 0.56 Volt throttle reading could very well be due to the low battery pack Voltage and the controller's low Voltage cut off circuit.

Hi Thanks.

I ended up putting the single 12v battery into a car charger for around 6hrs. then i put it back into the batter pack and then charged it again with the 24v charger. seems to charge now. and bike is starting correctly. 

Ill have to do a load test but i think its ok.

I also tried this method on a few other battery and seemed to have bounced them back from the dead now.

Awesome! Great to hear that you got it running.

hmm ok so i have a set of 2 x 12v 12ah on the bike after 3 days of nothing they are both reading 25v.

i then have a set of 2 x 12 9ah. both seem to be discharging by themselves. i took a readying 2 days ago and it was at 19v. today its at 7v.

im guessing the batteries are stuffed ?

If the batteries are discharging by themselves that quickly then they are past their useful lifespan.

If the batteries were stored for an extended period of time without being recharged on a monthly basis, or if they were never fully charged, or if their electrolyte level became too low due to evaporation or overcharging, then sulphation of the battery plates will occur which creates increased electrical resistance inside of the battery and cause it to self-discharge faster than normal.

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