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newbie with a 2011 women's ezip trails bike

the batteries are missing but it takes the type that sit on the 2 round brass disks can some one tell me 2 i need both sides or just 1 battery there 139 a piece and or can i rig up another cheaper battery to it? thanks

Only one battery pack is needed. The eZip Trails electric bicycle was sold with one battery pack and purchasing a second battery pack was an option for extended range. Most eZip Trails bikes are used with only one battery pack.

A battery pack without the case could be rigged to work with the bike, however, we recommend using the original battery pack so the wiring is safe and engineered and the battery pack is properly attached to the bike.

The battery packs with 2 round brass disks have been discontinued due to battery terminal connector reliability issues, however, newer and more reliable battery packs with blade style terminals are available (although temporarily out of stock) and can replace the older button style terminal battery packs with the installation of item # CTE-24076 battery terminal connector.


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