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Generic controller for mobility scooters with solenoid brake wires

I have a few mobility scooters to repair, many of them have everything working except the motor controller and its either too expensive or too hard to find the exact replacement controller.

So figuring this is a chassis with batteries and a motor now I need a motor controller and matching throttle (can be twist throttle or thumb throttle). 

Trying to find an affordable oem motor controller and matching wire schematic that has provision for the solenoid brake that activates when the motor is not energized.  I havent tested these motors to see if the solenoid is powered when the motor is energized or when it is off.  Generic would be even better but all that I have found are scooter-ebike-moped style with no brake wire connection.

Mobility scooter motors with solenoid activated friction brakes are designed so the brake is on when the solenoid is not energized. This way when the scooter is off the brake is on so the scooter cannot roll away down a hill or incline.

Mobility scooters have controllers with built-in electronic braking which uses the motor for braking, and the solenoid activated friction brake is used as a parking brake.

We do not currently carry any controller for brushed motors with built-in electronic braking because they are hard to find. However, that is the type of controller would be needed to run a mobility scooter motor on a scooter without manually operated friction brakes. The solenoid brake could be wired to the main power switch so that when the power was off then the parking brake would be on and vice versa.

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