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Charging port connection help

I replaced the throttle and controller on a razor e300. The new throttle is a keyed throttle with battery indicator lights. The controller is a regular controller 24v/500 watt. scooter/throttle works fine but it will not charge right. I connected charge port with the charge wire from the new controller. Is there a different way to connect/charge with the stock charging port?

On the E300 scooter, the positions of the charger port connector's positive and negative wires are the opposite of the charger port connector on most non-Razor controllers. When the charger port and controller connectors are plugged together you can see if the red and black wires match up with each other to verify if the polarity is the same or opposite.

If the wire colors between the two connectors do not match then the charger port connector pins can be removed from the connector and then reinstalled in the opposite positions. To remove the pins, press on the locking tab with a small screwdriver until it is flush with the pin and then gently pull on the wire to remove the pin, then restore the locking tab back to its original position before reinserting the pin back into the connector.


If the charger was plugged into the charger port while the charger port was connected to the controller in reverse polarity then the charger may have been damaged. The charger's output Voltage can be tested at its output plug with a multimeter to confirm if it is working or not.
Well, I’m officially embarrassed! I can’t believe I didn’t catch that. That solved my problem. Thanks

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