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Speedometer replacement help!!

I have a 72v daymak eagle electric scooter. My problem is that the speedometer needs replacing. The connector on my wiring harness has 7 wires in a 9 wire connector (3 by 3). All the new speedometers come with 6 wires. All colour/functions for the 6 wires match except one brown wire which is the 7th wire in the harness. I believe this may be a ground wire but not sure. Would it be possible to connect up a new speedometer with only the 6 wires and leave the brown 7th wire off?? Or is there another soloution?? Can’t seem to find an older 7 wire speedometer anywhere. Any help at all is appreciated
All of the turn signal-speedometer-battery indicator clusters that are currently being made for the Daymak Eagle electric scooter terminate with six wires into a six terminal connector. I have seen these newer version instrument clusters with their wire loom removed and all of the ground wires are soldered together inside of the loom so they exit the loom as only one wire.

I suspect that you are correct about one of the wires that terminates from your instrument cluster being a redundant secondary ground wire.

I do not have one of these instrument clusters to look at right now but if I remember right the brown wire goes to the light inside of the speedometer and is either to the positive or negative wire for it.
So if I solder the brown and green wires together (green being negative) in my wire harness it should work with the newer six terminal connectors?

I do not have a wiring diagram for the Daymak Eagle or know what the different instrument cluster wire color functions are. I did see one version of the instrument cluster where the green wire was a common ground though.

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