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New guy here with Schwinn s1000 question.

I just picked up a Schwinn s1000 on Craigslist. It needs new tires and tubes and batteries. My question is this: how do you remove the rear wheel from the axle?

I have the motor assembly off he scooter and want to polish the rear wheel. Right now i'm fighting the 2.5mm hex screws that hold the disc brake.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


The Schwinn S1000 scooter was made with two different powertrains, so how to remove the rear wheel depends on what type of powertrain it has. Does your scooter have chain drive or is it a direct drive (gear drive) version that does not use a chain?

My S1000 has the direct drive powertrain. No visable chain.

I was hping to find a video on youtube, but no luck there.


 The rear axle should have axle caps over both ends of it that look like this.

These axle caps can be removed by taking out the four bolts that connect them to the swingarm. Then the axle along with the motor and wheel can be slid off of the swingarm to remove them. The motor, axle, and wheel will all stay together during removal.

The motor, gearbox, and axle are all one assembly. Once the wheel and motor assembly have been removed from the swingarm then the wheel can be removed from the axle by sliding it off. Here is what the motor assembly looks like with the wheel removed from it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

That picture matches exactly what I have. I have disassembled motor, gearbox, axel but the wheel is stuck on the axle. I'm guessing the wheel is corroded onto the axle and now that I know that it should just slide off the axle I'll get a little more aggressive with it. Thank you very much for taking the time to help me.

Smiles, Tom  

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