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E325 runs slow

I got an e 325 without knowledge of its history charge the battery nothing, voltage test indicated replace two batteries ,done still nothing no clicking from the module replace the module. , now the motor engages with the throttle but not at full speed. Being a novice I went after the throttle thinking I wasn't getting enough voltage to the motor. Replace the throttle and the power switch still have same issue. When I check the battery with the load of a motor on it I get 12.2 volts and 12.1 volts. What do I do now go after the motor? Thanks.

Since the batteries, switch, throttle, and controller have all been replaced the only part left in the system that could be causing the problem is the motor. The under load Voltage readings on the batteries are not under 12 Volts so they are not dropping enough Voltage to slow down the motor.

Ok.Ordered new motor from you.

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