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Oxygen Lepton Scooter Charging Problem


I have an Oxygen Lepton Scooter that I bought about 7 years ago. It has been working great until lately when I try to charge the batteries. I get this Error 1 message on the dash when I plug in the charger. All the dash lights start blinking and there is constant beeping which is not normal. I replaced the batteries two years ago.

So far what I have learned from the owners manual is that this error message means an over voltage and means a Value of voltage over 70 V. I have no idea what this means. I would welcome to find somewhere I could get my scooter to get it fixed. I was hoping you could help.



We would start by testing the Voltage of the battery pack to confirm if the code is correct or not.

If the battery pack has over 70 Volts then it is possible that the charger is malfunctioning and overcharging the battery pack. If the battery pack has under 70 Volts then it is possible that the scooter's computer is malfunctioning. 

If the battery pack has over 70 Volts then if you are able to turn on the headlight that could be used to drop the battery pack Voltage below 70 Volts and then maybe the computer would stop throwing the code and the scooter would run.

I am facing the same scooter age is only 4 years.I replace my battery before 1 year.but after one year it is not working properly.

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