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Brushless fat tire 'Wolf' brand electric scooter

Hi I have been to horrible places and back trying to get this scooter back in working order. I have two batteries that are both testing great on output (48V batteries). I have tested the motor itself with some offbrand testing kit and it's testing without issue. Ultimately I just want to buy a new controller and the required other pieces so I don't have to keep guessing which wires I'm going to start (another) fire with...  

Ultimately My current controllers have a red connector which I believe to be the charging port, but the controller I was hoping to use is SPD-481500BLDC which doesn't appear to have a charging port connector, would that render this model useless for me? I already have the input poer, motor phase,and hall sensor connections. But I also have low level brakes, this is all terribly confusing. 

All of the fat tire (Wolf, Citycoco, Hawley, etc.) electric scooters that we have seen have lithium battery packs, so for these type of scooters that are 48 Volts we recommend a 48 Volt brushless motor controller with 37 Volt under Voltage protection such as our SPD-481600BLDC, instead of one with 41.5 Volt under Voltage protection such as our SPD-481500BLDC. 

Unlike the SPD-481500BLDC controller, our SPD-481800BLDC controller has a red charger port connector which it sounds like is needed for the installation. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I would like a complete wiring diagram for the fat tire scooters, more specifically the E-Drift 1500w60v system !! Possible???

The only documentation that we have available for fat tire scooters is the Citycoco owners manual which does have a wiring diagram in it. 

Thanx for your help!! Unfortunately the manual was lacking the info I was looking for, I would appreciate it if you contacted me if you run across ANY other materials concerning ANY fat tire scooters!! Thanx again !

You are welcome. We will keep our eyes open and if we are able to find any more owners manuals or wiring diagrams for fat tire scooters then we will post them here on this topic.

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