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Velocifero MAD scooter - shock absorber

Does anyone know where I can find these shock absorbers? Ke zhen kz-490 and kz-590. Are there any US websites I can buy them from please let me know. Please see attached images for the shock absorbers.
(88.4 KB)
(81.6 KB)

We carry a KZ-499A shock which is used on the rear forks of MAD scooters. Here is the link to it:


We do not currently carry a front fork shock for MAD scooters such as the KZ-590, however, we are looking for them and will carry them as soon as we can find them.

We just found a supplier for the KZ-590 front fork shock. Does your front fork shock absorber have a LBS/IN specification on it?

yes the front says 450 lbs/in

We can get KZ-590A shocks with the 450 lbs/in spring rating. Here is the link to it.


It come with black? it doesn't come with the original color which is silver or chrome like the picture I attached in my original post?

We were only able to find them in black. We were not able to find them with the silver finish like in the photo you attached. 

do they have the rear shocks in black as well?

I just checked and the rear shocks are only available in silver. 

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