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36v LIon batt only reading 33v when fully recharged...problem?

It seems as though 33v would still be plenty to make this Inokim Light scooter go, but when I press the button to turn the scooter on, the LCD throttle unit only flashes all characters at once for half a second, then, lights out.  I have already swapped in a brand new throttle unit and a brand new controller, so now the battery is my only suspect.  Obviously a cell must be dead within the battery.  Does it make sense that the scooter is designed to not turn on with less than 36v battery capacity showing?

Most 36 Volt lithium-ion battery packs will charge to around 42 Volts and will need to be recharged when their Voltage level reaches 32 Volts or below. To protect the battery pack from over-discharge the scooter may not be allowing a startup at 33 Volts because it thinks that the battery needs to be recharged.

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