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I'm thinking of upgrading my battery and motor but want to keep my controller. If I upgrade to a 60V motor and battery, do I also need to upgrade my controller or will my current 48V controller work?

Some 48 Volt controller will work with a 60 Volt battery pack while others will not so it depends on the particular controller whether it will be okay with a 60 Volt battery pack and motor. You could take a chance with the 48 Volt controller and see how it does, or install a 60 Volt controller along with the new battery pack and motor for a less chancy installation. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

how much faster is a 60V 2000W motor vs a 48V 2000W motor?

Presuming that both the 48 Volt and 60 Volt motors are being powered by controllers with the same Watts output then the motor's Watts rating affects how much power it will produce and its Voltage rating has no effect on its power. 

so, to fully take advantage of the 60V motor, a 60V controller must be implemented?

A 60 Volt motor would run at reduced power and speed with a 48 Volt controller and battery pack.

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