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4 wire controller to 3 wire throttle control

Hi, my old throttle control snapped.  It had power indicator leds so had 4 wires.  The new throttle has 3.  I measured and figured out that the red and black are 5v, and the third wire is a signal (maybe 1-4v).

The problem is that my controller must be detecting something on the fourth wire, because it throws a throttle error when I only connect the three wires.  Is there some way to fool it into thinking the led circuitry is still connected, or do I need to buy a 48v throttle with leds?

We have not experienced that same type of problem before so we do not have any knowledge regarding how to solve it. 

Oh dear.  Ok I better pull the old one apart and see if I can figure out whats going on in there.

Turns out the new throttle was faulty

That makes a lot more sense that the controller would throw a code for a faulty throttle rather than a disconnected battery indicator. 

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