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Battery Charger question

are the battery chargers you're selling in your website interchangeable for lead acid and lithium? I'm just wondering because I might upgrade to lithium in a few months and I want to use the same charger instead of buying two chargers.

The omission of the input Amp specification on the controller's label is nothing to be concerned about regarding its ability to charge the battery pack.

Thanks so much for all your answers. Very helpful. How much is your shipping fee for battery chargers and how long will it take?

The shipping cost for a battery charger is usually around $8.00 for USPS and $12.00 for FedEx. The exact shipping fee depends on the destination zip code though so it may be a little higher or lower depending on where you live. Delivery time depends on the selected shipping method and the destination and will range from around three to six business days. 

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